Little Green Lives

Family lifestyle blog with a hint of green

Welcome to Little Green lives

A Family lifestyle blog with a hint of green.

Little Green Lives is the journey of our little family of six: committed to a greener lifestyle, a more minimalist existence, quality in our day-to-day, and embracing our natural world with bare feet and dirty hands.

Here you’ll find inspiration and ideas that are achievable – for even the busiest mums who, like me, are determined to make informed lifestyle choices and aren’t afraid of a little adventure


About me

I’m a Mummy, Wife, Midwife and Vegan (…and a thousand other things which seem to have been added to my job description when I wasn’t looking).

I’m happiest when outdoors, in farmers markets, growing, cooking and on my bike, doing it all with the little people, family, great friends and wonderful husband.

In my former life (prior to becoming a mummy) I was a Midwife with Doctors Without Borders and have been blessed to share the journey of pregnancy and birth with incredible women around the world, from Capetown to North Kivu, DRC. I have been humbled beyond words at the incredible strength of women.


A little about the rest of the crew























Jonathan my hardworking and long suffering husband who is an incredible support to always manages to get excited about my latest ventures. We met in a refugee camp in Northern Uganda.

Theo my thoughtful sensitive little guy, Isla my fearless spirited little beauty and Indi, our blue eyed explorer who defies sleep at all times to all costs. Wren our beautiful baby girl

Our little people are all happiest when naked, covered in sand, soil and whatever mess they can find





A few things I would like to share/confess

I generally take on too much but seem to thrive on a slightly hectic pace of things.

Happiest when our home is bustling with activity. I’m proud that we have a place where people love to visit, drink tea, get creative, bake, play and relax. I find it a joy, though utterly surprising, that people find coming here actually a tonic.

I love meeting new people and building like-minded communities, we all have many unique qualities, talents and gifts – sharing them with each other enriches our lives and makes us happier, healthier and stronger.

Being a mummy is the hardest thing I have ever done, happiness and frustration, love and exhaustion all rolled into one.


I feel very passionately about wanting to make the world a better place, one meal, purchase and decision at a time and being a positive role model for my little people.

I would love to inspire you to make a difference, empower you with the resources you need to make it happen and give you the confidence to provoke change in those around you.

Wow sounds quite profound when you put it like that but, ‘Like any distance travelled, it’s always more enjoyable with friends’. So welcome aboard, let’s learn, inspire and motivate each other.

So excited that you’re here

Thanks for popping in