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Exciting news for Little Green Lives - Baby number 4

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Little Green Lives - Baby number 4
Little Green Lives - Baby number 4

Yes the picture is correct, we are expecting Baby number 4 in July!!!! Even just saying those words now makes me want to do a little happy dance around the kitchen.

I have been so excited to share this post and these pictures with you for weeks. Me and my good friend Stephanie from Magnolia Coasts Photography actually set up this pic back in January, in freezing cold Toronto, if you're thinking the kiddies do look a bit chilly.

After a little break from blogging  (afraid to admit it's been over 3 months since I last wrote a post), it feels great to be back in the game, thank you for all your continued support and for checking in on me.

Due to killer pregnancy nausea, first trimester exhaustion necessitating bedtime be at 7.30 pm, being a Mummy to 3 kiddies and a tough Canadian winter, all things kinda necessitated a little pause on the blogging front. I needed time to regroup, well survive is probably the more accurate term and ensure I wasn't filling your feeds with incomprehensible pregnancy brain waffle.

But the fog has lifted and I'm excited to be back with a renewed energy, focus and indeed a little baby bump.

Little Green Lives - Baby number 4
Little Green Lives - Baby number 4

It's taken great poise and patience not to share our news on social media as I have been bursting to for weeks. I’m normally a big sharer of all our news, an oversharer Jonathan would say but waiting until after the 20 weeks scan seemed a great time. I'm 23 weeks today. So much is going to be happening to our little family in the next few weeks/months, I'm really excited to share it all with you. 

So we are doing this, adding to our little brood, intensifying the chaos, but adding to the joy and love in our little family. We feel incredibly blessed to be on this journey again.

Of course along with all the excitement i'd be lying if I didn’t tell you there are times when I feel mild panic, generally during those intense moments of 'normal' family life! Refereeing sibling disputes, navigating kiddie meltdowns, hungry children prowling the kitchen at 5 pm proclaiming starvation. Those days following those nights when no one slept, when the fruits of my morning housework appear to have vanished beyond all trace just before Jonathan walks in the door from work. Not to mention my new venture as a homeschooling Mum. I do wonder how these scenes will pan out with a new baby. Thank goodness for slings that allow you to breast feed, this baby will probably be convinced he/she is some species of marsupial rarely movingfrom its warm cosy pouch for the first few months, but hey, babies prefer nothing more than skin to skin and breastmilk on tap.

I'm rather excited that this will be our first summer baby, I'm  hoping this little one will be inclined to relax in his/her basket under a shady tree, watching the leaves move in a calm summer breeze and be captivated by bird song all while his/her brothers and sisiter enjoy a spot of gardening, mud pie making and creativity in the garden......well I can dream! 

Again another honest moment, it's taken a little bit of time to prepare for peoples' reactions in terms of the environmental impact of having 4 children.

Little Green Lives,  is a blog about making informed lifestyle choices and reducing your impact on the planet, plus Jonathan has just started his new job as Executive Director of Health in Harmony, an  organisation working to protect Indonesian rainforest. From our envirnonmental standpoint how would I respond to the question

' I thought reducing world population is one key way to saving the planet.'

We're choosing to follow a vegan diet,  to consume less, make conscious choices, produce minimal waste, reuse, reduce and recycle and to follow our dream of growing our own food. I'm confident the choices and lifestyleour family of 6 adopts now and thechoices our children will make in the future  will help us to offset our decision to have a slightly larger family.

After 3 very easy pregnancies this time my body seems to be throwing all the pregnancy signs and symptoms at me just in case I needed to be further convinced that this would be my last baby. Killer 16 weeks of nausea, spider webs of varicose veins weaving their ways across my legs, frequent insomnia, food aversions and exhaustion. That need to be laying on the cold bathroom floor but instead i had to be kitting up 3 kids in snow gear and doing battle with -20 and 4 feet of snow on the school run. Thank goodness those days are over.

Though it was always a dream of mine to have 4 kiddies I never imagined it would actually happen, and as this little person gets bigger and stronger inside me its starting to feel very very real.

We are still some weeks away and I couldn't be happier. Much to the frustrations of family and friends we have chosen not to find out the baby's sex. All will be revealed later this summer. 

Thanks for popping by


Little Green Lives - Baby number 4
Little Green Lives - Baby number 4