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“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Overcoming self-doubt: I did it, and you can too

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Little Green Lives Self-doubt
Little Green Lives Self-doubt

Ever wanted something so desperately, believed in it so passionately, but making it happen, taking that gigantic leap, completely terrified you? You’ve worked so hard, you know it’s within reach, the finish line’s just right there but you’re paralyzed with fear down the home stretch. Maybe it’s a new project or business venture, perhaps a diet or a lifestyle change?

I’ve been there. That was me during the 12 months prior to launching ‘Little Green Lives’.

Pushing the ‘Publish’ button one month ago after months of self-doubt was a huge personal accomplishment. I came close to giving up so many times. Ifs, ands and buts consumed me. I was overwhelmed by frustration and a lack of productivity due to major sleep deprivation. I desperately wanted to be a good mum and good blogger, it just didn’t seem possible to do both.

My head spun with ideas and possibilities but as a busy mum, progress was grindingly slow.

Daily I questioned myself about the value of my content. My passion for our family to live and enjoy a simpler, greener life propelled me. But could I write and photograph well enough for others to feel that passion?

Did I have value to contribute to people’s lives? Why would anyone be interested in anything I have to say?

Somehow the past five years of being a stay at home mummy eroded my self-confidence. In my little world I cook, clean, play, grow vegetables and nurture my little people. I feel happy, secure and successful…but communicating my ideas, sharing them with the adult-world made me feel vulnerable.

Overcoming self-doubt

In the face of failure, on the brink of giving up, the words “you got this mama” spoken from someone outside my inner circle pushed me to do some much-needed self-analysis.

My qualifications to blog are limited. My niche is our simple daily lives, my life as a wife and mummy, and my previous adventures as a single woman travelling the world. I set out to write about subjects I’m passionate about, our ordinary moments and that's the secret. This is EVERYTHING. It’s what makes me and the blog unique. My voice, my take on the world.

All I needed to do was suppress fear and sharpen that voice.

Little Green Lives Self-doubt
Little Green Lives Self-doubt

4 Strategies to overcome self-doubt

Here’s what I did (...and still do):

1) Re-define how to measure success.

To avoid failure I re-define success. Does it bring me joy? Have I inspired even one person to try something new and evoke a positive change in lifestyle? Have I learned new skills, met new people? If yes, I’ve been successful. And one month into the blog it’s been an incredible ride.

2) Risk failure to risk success.

 Forget about what everyone else might think of you. Be true to yourself (your blog, your business). Don’t worry how you will be perceived, that holds you back.

3) Just leap, and correct my path on the fly.

Perfection can be the enemy of the good. To begin learning and growing on your journey to success you need to put it out there – whatever it is.

4) Identify and nurture my biggest fans.

In a social media business obsessed with quantifiable results it can be easy to lose your positivity and energy. But these are relationships - close friends, family, new connections to kindred spirits - so the key is quality rather than quantity in terms of interactions to keep you feeling encouraged and confident.

Little Green Lives Self-Doubt
Little Green Lives Self-Doubt

One month on, how’s it going?

When people ask, my reply is ‘I’m just kinda finding my feet, but I love it’. I no longer feel compelled to validate it with numbers. I’m enjoying it, people are responding positively, therefore to me the blog is successful.

It’s been a steep and exhausting learning curve.  Trying hard to find a rhythm to make it sustainable, ensuring it enhances our lives rather than stresses us out. I set myself limits in terms of social media time so I can stay fully present in our lives. I'm learning to prioritize, adjust my expectations and maximize my limited time and energy.

So, what’s your dream? You gonna take the leap? If it fills you with motivation, if it consumes you, you should. It’s definitely worth fighting for.

You got this mama.

Love to hear about your dreams/projects, what you’re scared of? What’s holding you back from fulfilling your dreams? I’d love to read your stories/comments below.

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