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Five easy tips to a stronger immune system, increased energy and a healthy glow from the inside out

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Little green lives 5 steps to better health You know the feeling: when a five-minute shower feels like a visit to the spa. (No kids in sight or ear shot.) Or when that cup of HOT tea at nap time feels like high tea at the Ritz. Everyday simplicities can feel like indulgent, healthy luxuries for us busy mums.

That glorious alone time just to focus on our own needs is heaven—even if it’s just momentarily.

I used to think being healthy and fit was complicated, time consuming and expensive. Not for the likes of us sleep-deprived busy mums, something to shoot for maybe 10 years from now.

But I've since learned that it’s actually the little things I do for myself each day that help me survive these crazy years. (With my body, health and sanity intact). In order to be a strong, healthy and happy mummy to my little people I need to invest in myself…and teach my little people that taking care of yourself is important.

Several months ago I hit rock bottom physically. I got sick several times back-to-back and needed antibiotics. I took this as a sign. My body was screaming, “Ok. I’m in need of some time and attention here!”

 So I took action and you can too.

Try these five easy, totally achievable tips throughout your day for seven days. Trust me, your tired body will feel the difference.

Nurture yourself in five minute blocks during the day. Steal moments while the kids are happily playing alone, during nap time, or with a baby on the hip. Five minutes is all it takes: you can boost your immune system, eliminate toxins, rehydrate and energize your body.

**I’ve included links to some of my favourite tips and recipes and shared what works for me. But I recommend you choose your personal preferences by using the ingredients you have/use/love, and consider any dietary requirements and allergies.**

Let’s do this!

Here are

Five ways busy mums can boost their health in under five minutes:  enjoying stronger immune systems, increased energy and a healthy glow from the inside out.

1) Start the day with a hot tonic

Hot tonics can restore and invigorate the body, promoting general health and well-being. Morning drinks lay the groundwork for the day. The right ones eliminate toxins, strengthen our immune systems and give us a little kick-start of energy. Tonics can be prepped fresh in the morning or made ahead of time. (It stays fresh for about a week).  Everyday I drink the Master tonic featured in this amazing  Superfresh Recipe book By Jennifer Houston. Take a glass of hot water and add your favourite ingredients.

 Little green lives - Five easy tips to a stronger immune system

Sip it and:

  • Feel the warmth of the fresh ginger, waking up your tired ass, giving you energy for the day ahead, expelling toxins and enhancing blood flow.
  • Let the fresh lemon/orange juice give you a super vitamin C boost to your immune system and help your body absorb iron.
  • Add a few leaves of fresh basil to help you feel calm and focussed, a clove or two of garlic (nature’s antibiotic) to ward of any germs.
  • Tip in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to help eliminate toxins.
  • Stir in honey/maple syrup for a touch of sweetness

 2) Kick ass with a killer breakfast

Pack school lunches. Get the kids dressed. Make a dash for the door with the crew in tow at 8 a.m. It’s super easy to run out of time to eat breakfast in the craziness of the morning routine. But this meal is so very important for the body. It sets blood sugar levels for the day so you avoid that mid-morning slump. Here's three energy-packed ideas to start the day on the right foot:

  1. A bowl of porridge made with steel cut oats (delicious with chai and pumpkin seeds, walnuts, blueberries, with a drizzle of maple syrup).
  2. Home-made granola. My favourite recipe is the Almond Joy granola from Minimalist baker with fresh fruit and yogurt
  3. A smoothie. In one delicious drink you can nail your five fruits/veg for the day. (Also a nutritious snack to have anytime during the day). Use whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have, with a milk, yogurt or juice base.

 Little green lives - Five easy tips to a stronger immune system


 My favourite ingredients are:

  • Bananas - nature’s powerhouses, packed with healthy carbohydrates and potassium to restore electrolyte balance (freeze a big batch without the peel so you never run out)
  • Kale - crammed full of vitamin A and C and calcium and iron
  • Spinach - magnesium and iron-rich, helping you to relax
  • Chia seeds - full of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which reduce free radical damage to the skin, plus contain high levels of calcium
  • Blueberries - great antioxidant. Low in calories high in nutrients

3) Pack mummy snacks

Snacks aren’t just for the kiddos! Take five minutes to pack yourself some snacks. This reduces the need to buy (unhealthy) nibbles on the run. Arm yourself with foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. It also doesn’t hurt to have a fun container: I love my planet box.

Some easy and healthy snack-on-the-go ideas:

  • Try making a big batch of humus, cut sticks of veggies to use throughout the week
  • Fresh/dry fruit
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Homemade granola bars. These are our absolute favourites from Oh She Glows.

 Little green lives - Five easy tips to a stronger immune system


4) Hydrate!

This one is easy and takes nearly NO time at all. Stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle on hand. Something of the non-spill variety. As busy mums we never seem to drink enough water. Keeping hydrated is also extra-important for breastfeeding mums to ensure a good milk supply and better energy levels and alertness. Not to mention, water also helps keep skin looking good.

Challenge yourself to drink 2 litres a day and notice the difference!

5) Fuel up with an energy-charged lunch

You aced breakfast now let’s focus on lunch.

If you can prep this ahead of time or have leftovers ready to eat all the better:

Make salad in a jar for you and your partner the evening before. Washed salad can be stored in glass for several days. Add protein to feel fuller longer and help beat the mid-afternoon energy slump. I’m vegan so in my case tofu, beans, chic peas, or nuts…for omnivores try your choice of meat.

The key is to have something already prepared. If you can grab something quick you won't be so tempted to eat your toddler’s peanut butter toast crusts.

Soups that are high in protein and veggies are another quick and tasty lunchtime alternative. Make a big batch and freeze the extras.

 A lunchtime favourite in our household is homemade hummus. we make a big batch ahead of time and put it into a few small tubs in our fridge. My husband takes some to work, and I snack on the rest whenever I find myself with a free hand or two.

Mama you got this. 

You’re five easy steps away from feeling fabulous.

Why not give it a try? I’d love to hear how it goes!

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Thanks for popping in