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7 life changing days for Little Green lives.

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In the last seven days two wonderful things have happened to the Little Green Lives family. Our life changing week started on Saturday the 15th of July in the Midwifery birthing centre,  birthing our beautiful baby daughter Wren.  We feel incredibly blessed to be a family of six, with two sons and two daughters. Just a week later our dream of becoming home owners finally came true, we collected the keys and walked through the front door together, the start of a new rural lifestyle and finally a place to put down roots.

Fulfilling our dreams often doesn't come easy, (this has certainly been the case for us) but sometimes the harder you have to work to achieve a goal the more satisfying it is once accomplished. I believe it's healthy to have dreams, they keep us motivated, help us to overcome challenges in pursuit of them, help us to focus our energies and, honestly, when did a little day dreaming ever hurt anyone? 

I love this quote

‘Dreams are unrealistic, impractical, demanding and absolutely essential to living a rich and fulfilled life - Ralph Marston.

For me i've had the same dream for our little family for a long time. If I enjoy a quiet moment and close my eyes I can be right there in amongst it,  I can visualise the scene, feel the emotion it creates inside me.

Let me take you there.

My dream for our little family

The windows are wide open, a cool morning breeze entering the house.

Old magnificent trees, flower beds full of colour and texture, fields of wildflowers, daises and fox gloves visible from every window. The rooms are drenched in sunshine. The kitchen is infused with the smell of freshly baked bread and warm banana muffins.

Photo inspiration by Anna Louise of Experimental Vintage

Photo inspiration by Anna Louise of Experimental Vintage

Open wooden kitchen shelves are home to my thrifted and vintage treasures. Lines of mason jars, full of bulk ingredients, seeds and grains, lentils and beans, occupy the counter-tops. My wicker basket sits on the old kitchen table, full of the mornings freshly picked harvest from the vegetable garden, juicy cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and mint for a morning brew of tea.

No noise but children's laughter and the compelling tones of a chorus of morning bird song.

The walls are white,  rooms inhabited by wooden vintage furniture, neutral and earthy tones, a home alive with houseplants and succulents. Our hand collected treasures from our travels around the world decorate the walls, memories a plenty hanging from tiny hooks.

Photo inspiration by Anna Louise of  Experimental Vinatge

Photo inspiration by Anna Louise of Experimental Vinatge

The kids are playing outside, barefoot in the dirt, under a canopy of trees. There are chickens to feed, vegetables and herbs to water, a day of mothering, gardening and baking lies ahead. 

My sweet new baby drunk on breast milk sleeps peacefully in my sling, a soft cheek resting on my chest. My love sipping his first coffee of the day , observing this peaceful scene from a comfortable chair, with a gaze of pure love and happiness.

This scene is perfection for me.

On Saturday we received the keys to our very first home and spent most of the day enjoying it, watering our new garden, watching bunnies run through the trees, and sitting on the back porch being mesmerized by our new view. We still cant quite believe its actually ours.


Its going to be a project (huge amounts of hard work, vision and patience are required) to create our cozy nest, put down roots, make memories and explore every inch of our new 10 acre back garden. 

So looking forward to showing you our new home and sharing with you our journey over the next year. The furnishing of the different rooms, sharing pictures of the works in progress, creating a vegetable and herb garden, making paths through an unexplored six acre forest, making our new house our home and journeying towards being sustainable.

Its time to take this Mummy out of the city and begin a simple rural life,  surrounded by nature, living close to the land, soaking up happiness with our little brood under the sun, with dirt under our finger nails, beside the campsfire under a star filled sky. Wish us luck.

I would Love to hear about your dreams, please feel free to share them. Sharing dreams can often feel like you are taking one step closer to achieving them.

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