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12 easy ways for busy mums to go green this Christmas.

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Originally written for Portland Moms Blog.

Along with your 12 days of Christmas, here are 12 ways you can help make a positive environmental impact this Christmas...and beyond.

Mothering during a 'quiet' time of the year can be all-consuming, exhausting, a challenge of endurance and ingenuity. However, as the festive period approaches, we’re expected to find extra hours in our days to prepare, cook, clean, and decorate for the big day.  It’s easy for our environmental responsibilities to get lost in the chaos of the festive period. We make impulsive buys with tired toddlers wrapped around our legs. We can be swept up in the mad rush of consumerism. We may succumb to the mass marketing which has bombarded our lives and the minds of our little people through advertising.

But worry not. There are so many easy ways you can make a difference for the planet. Your actions might even inspire others around you. It’s during the run-up to Christmas that we all grapple with bouts of intense consumerism. So let’s make conscious decisions, be mindful and make good choices.

 For 12 easy ways for busy mums to go green this Christmas. check out the full post here  ,featured on Portland Moms Blog.

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