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5 ways digging a vegetable garden will make you feel like a Rock Star Mum

sam JenningsComment
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First published on Portland moms Blog

There is something powerful about soil-covered toes and dirty finger nails. They say these feet and hands are one with nature. Spring is looming. You can feel it in the air, can’t you? Buds are forming, green shoots spring from the soil, and it feels (and sounds) like all the birds just returned from their winter vacations.

So, here’s a question. Do you love fresh, seasonal vegetables? Think fresh green salad drenched in your favourite olive oil dressing with delectable new potatoes, the sweetest ruby red strawberries, and mouth-watering homemade basil pesto. Do you love going to farmers markets, filling your wicker basket with a rainbow of fresh vegetables from this week’s harvest? How about creating exciting multi-sensory learning opportunities for your children in your own garden, and feeding them the freshest, healthiest food?

If you answered yes, yes, and yes, then I think growing a vegetable garden is for you! Click here for the full post