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Conscious consumerism and the Snuggle Me Organic

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“Consumers vote with our purchases. By choosing Snuggle Me Organic you are using your dollars to vote for fair trade and safe environmental practices. Our planet needs your vote.”
Little green lives

 We all have different motivations and priorities when shopping for products for our new babies. Comfort, style, safety, price, practicality, brand name, fashion and aesthetics all play a role in our decisions. And some mummies may be driven by the social and environmental practices adopted by the companies producing baby products. Are the fabrics organic, are there fair trade conditions for workers, is it locally made and is the amount of product packaging minimized?

 As a conscious consumer, I try to do my research prior to making purchases, reading more than just the label. I want to feel good about the products I buy, and be confident in my choices. 


 I’m a crunchy mummy of a little family striving for a minimalist existence. Three little words in the product description of the Snuggle Me Organic, co-sleeping baby bed got me excited: organic, fairtrade, and locally made. These values and what they represent are important to me. So, a few weeks before our new baby Wren arrived, I acquired a new Snuggle Me Organic.

 The Snuggle Me really appealed because of its simplicity and versatility, (being easily movable from room to room or from indoors to outdoors). I also love that it contains no plastic or batteries (appealing to my zero-waste philosophy).

 As moms, most of our actions are motivated by our desire and our commitment to see our children grow up happy and healthy, with the ability to enjoy a beautiful healthy planet. Therefore, it felt great to discover a product which is safe for baby, could facilitate us getting extra sleep and is produced in a way that is kinder and gentler on the people who make it and on our planet. That’s win-win-win. I just wish I had discovered it with baby number one rather than four.


 Companies who value and adhere to the principles of being socially and environmentally conscious are thankfully growing in number and popularity. Supporting businesses who prioritise the environmental and social impact of their product can make a huge collective impact. By consuming less, making better choices, purchasing less and making quality purchases, you make true investments in your family and in the preservation of the planet. I love that the Snuggle Me Organic is fully compostable. So after its final days, its presence will not leave a lasting mark on the planet. 

 When reading about the meticulous care and attention which goes into the sourcing of the raw materials and the production of Snuggle me Organic I was more than a little curious about its founder. Who was this superwoman?

I love reading about inspirational women and mums, and Mia is definitely one of them. Not only is she the founder-in-chief of a highly successful business, but she is also mummy to seven kiddies, all of whom are homeschooled. Mia is a woman with vision - for her family, her product, her business, her team and for a healthy planet. Her philosophy and ethics behind the company are central to Snuggle Me Organic’s success. It’s easy to see that what Mia values in her own life is mirrored in her business. Mia was inspired by the birth of her twins to create something which would allow her to balance the demands of babies and toddlers, which led to the design that is the Snuggle Me Organic. 



 I’m a midwife who has worked internationally with Doctors with Borders. I’ve observed co-sleeping in many countries and cultures around the world. Inspired by what I’ve seen and learned, co-sleeping feels very natural and instinctual to me. The Snuggle Me Organic gives babies all the comfort of sleeping close to parents, but offers the parents extra reassurance that baby is safe and comfortable, allowing parents to sleep better. And let’s face it, what parent doesn’t need more quality sleep?


So why use organic cotton for your baby?

 As a new mum, our babies’ safety is our priority.  By purchasing clothes and bedding made from organic cotton you are ensuring that it has not been touched with toxic chemicals during the growth or manufacturing process. In the normal cotton growing process, pesticides and poisonous fertilizers are used, which is not only harmful to the soil, but to the farmers who grow it, the workers who pick it and to the end consumer. On the other hand, when you purchase organic cotton products, like the Snuggle Me PURE, none of these chemicals have been used. Choosing organic cotton not only protects your own family, but also the farmer's and the field workers, the ground it's grown on and the ecosystems around it.


 Why does made in the USA really matter?

 Snuggle me Organic is the only 100% USA made organic bed-sharing product on the market, made exclusively in the USA (Minnesota to be exact). Ensures the conditions of the workers, provides jobs within the USA and reduces the products carbon footprint.

 We consumers vote with our purchases. By choosing Snuggle Me Organic you are using your dollars to vote for fair trade and safe environmental practices. This planet needs your vote.

 We have loved our Snuggle Me Organic. It’s great for baby, great for mum and great for the planet. This is not a paid or sponsored post I'm just really passionate about supporting others who are doing great things for the planet and its people.

Thanks for popping by Sam