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When I first started Little Green Lives blog over a year ago, it was always one of my aims to feature momtrepreneurs whose beliefs and practices are in line with my ethical/ecological ideals. (Fair Trade, sustainability, organically produced, minimal packaging).

Finally i'm going to dedicate a little corner of the blog to feature the ones we love and whose products we actually use.  

As a 'crunchy Mummy' when reading words in a product's description like organic, Fair Trade, ethical, sustainable and locally made, I get very excited because supporting these key values and what they represent are very important to me/ us as a family.

Companies who value and adhere to the principles of being socially and environmentally conscious are thankfully growing in number and popularity. Supporting businesses who prioritize the environmental and social impact of their product can make a huge difference. 

Social entrepreneurs who work hard on this, in my eyes, truely deserve recognition. I also have a real passion for supporting momtrepreneurs. I'm in complete awe of how any mom can possibly create and drive a new business, pour creativity into their dreams, navigating design, production and marketing all while being chronically sleep deprived and managing the needs of a busy family. They truly deserve and receive my full praise and respect.

My first feature is about Erin who is the founder of Poco Mono.


As you probably know we spent 3 very happy years living in Toronto prior to our move to Portland. That's just one of the reasons why this brand is special to me. Erin is an inspiration and her passion for the environment clearly evident in this new venture.

Erin created Poco Mono clothing while on maternity leave with her second child when she grew frustrated by the unnecessary packaging, disrespect for the environment, and lack of cheerful, gender-neutral clothing.

Bright, colourful, comfortable, gender neutral which can easily be handed down between siblings. Poco Mono is one of Canada’s newest eco-friendly, 100 percent certified organic children’s clothing line.

Little Green lives - Green products we love

Erin told me,

“I love to shop for kids clothes, even more so if I am supporting a local business, but I was left uninspired by my options and quite frankly irritated with the wasteful packaging and eco-unfriendly materials . My clothing line’s retro vibe is inspired by my   grandmothers’ patterns –  she loved bright colours that burst with happiness. I added a modern, environmentally responsible twist and voila, Poco Mono was born. dubbed “my happy clothes” by every kid (and baby who can talk)lucky enough to wear them. 'Crafted in an artisanal manner, Poco Mono clothing embodies the purest sense of integrity from design to production to shipping and brings a touch of colour, playfulness – and comfort, that is changing the landscape of children’s fashion".


Poco Mono takes their environmental footprint very seriously.  All clothing items are made using organic fabrics (Check out her post which lists all the reasons why choosing organic really does matter).  Also, all products are made locally in Toronto and the items come in environmentally friendly packaging.

Happy clothes and a happy planet what's not to love about the Poco Mono collection. My kiddies certainly love their clothes as you can see from the photo's.

There are so many ways we can make a difference in this world

If we can plan and build our children’s wardrobes based on quality over quantity everyone benefits

Make a difference today by ensuring the products you purchase are Fair Trade and also from sustainable practices. What brands do you love? Which ones make you do a little happy dance becuse they are doing great things for people and the planet?

Why not head on over to Poco Mono to check out all the clothes available.

If you would like to learn more about being a conscious consumer check out my earlier post

Thanks for popping in